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• Canopy Tour

You’ve heard about Canopy Tours before, yet now you can experience the Iguana Tours difference with the Manuel Antonio specialist – day or night. Our ecologically and educationally focused Canopy experience is geared towards a mix of adventure, nature and safety. Excellent for individuals, families, children 6 years old and over, or large groups, people of all ages will enjoy this adventure tour because of its variety, options and bio-diversity. Travel through the primary Costa Rican tropical jungle on suspension cables as you move through the primary jungle canopy with your bilingual guides and safety spotters from platform to platform.

If our high-tech, high-quality equipment for zip-lining turns out to be “not your style”, then relax and enjoy a cold one back on the ground as you watch your fellow guests zip line by line to each canopy platform. If you so desire, take a leisurely stroll or hike through our secluded, protected habitat of the mono tit biological corridor, which is an excellent location for you to explore the exotic varieties of plant and animal life in the Costa Rican mountainous jungles near Manuel Antonio National Park.
If you so desire, spend half your day on zip lines, then relax and be gently guided by well-educated, bilingual naturalists as they take you on a leisurely hike to explore and discover the diverse tropical rain forest that Costa Ricans try so desperately to preserve. This dual Canopy Tour and Tropical Rain Forest Ecological Nature Hike can be arranged in advance for a special package price by your Iguana Tours staff – just let us know. Come for the experience, stay for the safe zip or hiking adventure, and sample the jewel of our country – our exotic tropical rain forest canopy. We have, as the Manuel Antonio specialist, many options to taste, learn, observe and experience our tropical rain forest and jungle environment – all you have to do is tell us where and when.

Must be at least 6 years old and have an adventurous spirit, wear comfortable yet casual clothing that you can move around comfortably in.

Round trip transportation, bilingual guides and naturalists, all equipment needed, security, great snacks and refreshments, and Night Tour includes a great dinner.


Price: On Request
Time: 7 AM / 10:30 AM / 2 PM / 5:30 PM

* Contact Us *

Canopy tours.

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• ATV’S Tour

Experience the thrill of traveling on your own ATV into the mountains outside of Quepos. Where you will enjoy the spectacular mountain views, and the tropical rainforest as your bilingual guide leads you through rustic unpaved roads, giant African Palm Plantations, cattle farms, and typical towns such as Naranjito an Londres.

We will then take you to a breathtaking waterfall where you will have a chance to cool off in the refreshing crystal- clear water, then continue riding up and down the winding mountain roads, all the while surrounded by the lush and beautiful tropical foliage.


3 hours


7:00 a.m.
10:15 a.m.
2:00 p.m.


Four-Wheelers full equipped, helmets, Bilingual guide with knowledge of the area, meal, transportation to and from hotels.


Light clothing, swimming trunks, sneakers, camera, and binoculars.


Price: On Request
ATV (each ATV holds two persons)
per additional rider


* Children under parental supervision
* Reservation in advance suggested

* Contact Us *

ATV tours.

• Horse Back Ride Tour

Tocori Waterfalls / Rancho Don Gilberto
Let Don Gilberto and his family show you the real Costa Rica – on horseback! Once they pick you up the adventure in history and nature begins, starting with the Quepos Indians and leads you through the changes of Manuel Antonio today, which includes Iguana Tours. Enjoy learning about Costa Rica’s exotic plants and rare wildlife as you ride through the tropical jungle and private ecological reserve at Tocori, just minutes away from Manuel Antonio.

After a relaxing hour-long ride on horseback through the tropical rain forest – with the pace determined by your comfort level and riding ability – leave your horses on the trail as Don Gilberto or his daughter Dyala guide you through the exotic plant and animal life on a nature walk. They will let you taste, smell, touch and observe first hand the real Costa Rican jungle. After indulging your mind and spirit with expert knowledge, take a refreshing dip in pristine natural mountain waters while being splashed on by two stunning waterfalls at Tocori. And don’t forget to enjoy an unforgettable taste of local fresh fruits and a homemade special tropical drink made exclusively by Doña Eli, Don Gilberto´s wife, all while you relax and cool off next to the waterfalls.
After being refreshed, you are ready for a ride through meandering Tocori streams to the private Rancho where Doña Eli will be your hostess, as she shares with you a homemade Costa Rican “casado” – a typical Costa Rican dish or terrific BBQ. Enjoy more of the tastes and flavors of Costa Rica as you sample delicious delicacies of the tropical rain forest and of our fresh, local Costa Rican produce. As Don Gilberto says, “Come and taste the flavors of our country.” Before returning to Manuel Antonio, enjoy one last relaxing experience enjoying the bounty of Costa Rica at the Rancho. Let Don Gilberto or Dayla show you their private herb and plant garden as they help educate locals and visitors alike on how to preserve the indigenous plant and herb varieties of their beautiful country. While you are there, ask how you can help preserve the tropical rain forest and educate others about the true beauty and biodiversity of Costa Rica.

After Don Gilberto and his family have hosted you at their Rancho, you will have grown in your experience and knowledge of our beautiful and unforgettable tropical country, Costa Rica. But as Don Gilberto always says, “When you come back, you will have a friend.”

Make sure you are able to ride at least at an easy pace for about 1 hour.
We recommend wearing comfortable clothes and possibly long pants (or bring a towel) while horseback riding, yet bring your bathing suit, bug repellant, sunscreen, camera, hat, towel, and maybe an extra change of clothes to wear after swimming and riding in the Tocori river and waterfalls.

* Our Staff Respects our Animals –
Certain weight limits apply, call for details *
Includes: Round trip transportation, bilingual guides and naturalists, all equipment needed, a hot lunch or dinner, snacks and refreshmentsTour includes a great dinner.

Rates Price: Price: On Request Full Day Private Tours Available
Time: 8 AM – 1 PM or 1 PM – 5 PM

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Horse back ride in Manuel Antonio beach area.

• White Water Rafting Tour

The wild and ever-changing Naranjo River White Water Rafting challenge is recommended for physically fit adventure seekers and experienced rafters who are familiar with Class III and IV rapids. On this high-octane, half-day adventure, the trip begins when the Naranjo River drops steeply from the Costa Rican mountains and charges though pristine jungle gorges, then winds around rocky curves to take you on a wild, adventurous ride back to sea level waters. While your internationally-trained, bilingual guides and safety kayakers work with you to navigate this exciting river, you’ll pass by (rapidly) stunning farmland, working cattle ranches, and beautiful African Palm Plantations.

Unlike the Savegre River Adventure, the Naranjo River Rafting Trip packs all its punches in a 7 mile ride that keeps your adrenaline level high for several hours. Water levels can rise rapidly on this Costa Rican river treasure, especially during the rainy season (May-October), which definitely brings the difficulty level up for any experienced rafter. After an adrenaline-kicking trip, enjoy local snacks and refreshments before heading back to reality, well, back to Manuel Antonio anyway. For another kicking experience, try our full day Savegre River Rafting adventure next!
If you become addicted to our ever-changing adventures out here, you just might have to come back.

We strongly recommend that adventurers (adults and children over age 10) be physically fit and prepared for Class IV rapids.
Wear or bring water sandals or sturdy water shoes, a bathing suit, sunscreen, bug spray, a towel, and if possible a change of clothes.

Round trip transportation, bilingual guides, safety kayakers, all
equipment needed, security, snacks and drinks
*Note: If you are visiting the Jaco / Los Sueños area, the Naranjo is an
excellent tour for you or your group to experience a Costa Rican river in a
short amount of time, in contrast to the full-day trip on the Savegre.
Round trip transfers and all other accommodations are included for $20
more per person (due to additional transportation costs, but minimum 4 people for this service).

Rates Price: On Request
US$ from Quepos / Manuel Antonio
US$ from Jaco / Los Sueños - call for other pick up locations*

Time: 8 AM – 12 PM or 1 PM – 5 PM

* Contact Us *

Rafting in Manuel Antonio Beach area.

• National Park Guided Tour

What can we say about someone experiencing Costa Rica’s number one visitors’ spot for the first time with THE Manuel Antonio specialist – our Manuel Antonio National Park. It’s just like experiencing Costa Rica for the first time -- absolutely unforgettable. Take a leisurely hike with a highly trained, well-educated Costa Rican naturalist guide through our exotic, bio-diverse tropical rain forest preserved in our 34 year old national treasure, Manuel Antonio National Park. The pace of this adventure is determined by your group’s abilities and interests, and the abundance of wildlife you want to stop, observe, or learn about – all in its natural and breathtaking habitat. Watch sloths and numerous species of monkeys travel through the tree canopy, hunt for nocturnal silky anteaters and several types of monkeys or iguanas resting in the tropical rain forest, and listen to the songs of the various birds as they glide above your group, curiously looking for adventure. And if you are lucky, you might spot one of the only 1,000 remaining endangered Mono Titi or squirrel monkey, who live in only one location in the world, in our Manuel Antonio National Park biological corridor.
See how many different kinds of flora and fauna you can spot just in the span of a 2 ½ hour nature walk or hike. And at the end, enjoy some local fresh fruits and refreshments as you pause to savor your adventure thus far. If you so desire, hike additionally through the trails and enjoy unspoiled, un-crowded, pristine beaches after your guided educational adventure ends, and maybe even snorkel after the hike on your own. Learn about the history of the Quepoa Indians and Costa Rica’s past in regard to this stunningly beautiful Manuel Antonio area, and come back with ideas as to how to help preserve this priceless ecosystem and national treasure for generations to come.
Help us preserve Costa Rica’s tropical rain forests by learning about one of our most valuable national treasures, Manuel Antonio National Park. Enjoy the unforgettably unique experience, but leave changed. And leave to possibly help change this rare and delicate ecosystem for the better.

Easy walk or hike, depending upon your abilities and self-paced tour. Bring water, a camera, sunscreen, bug spray, and your binoculars while you hike in the Park, and if you so desire bring your bathing suit and towel for a relaxing afternoon at the beach after your hike and guided adventure.

Includes: Transportation, bilingual guides and certified naturalists, entrance fee, snacks and refreshments after the tour right near the beach

Rates Price: Price: On Request

US$ 00 from Quepos / Manuel Antonio US$ 64 from Los Sueños or Jaco (minimum 4 people )
Private Tours Available
Time: 7 AM – 12 PM or 12 PM – 5 PM Ask your guide if you want to return to the Park after the Tour

* Contact Us *

Manuel Antonio National Park.

• Surfing Classes

You'll learn to surf like a pro, All our surf boards and equipment are top of the line and well-maintained for your safety and fun. Before getting into the water our bilingual instructors will give you a safety talk and demostrate the first steps of surfing.
When you are ready, a instructor will accompany you into the waves for you try the real thing!  Tired and needing a well-earned break? a assistant will be waiting to serve you delicious fresh fruit and ice cold drinks.

We are the Manuel Antonio/Quepos surfing specialists. Whether you are seven years old or seventy seven, beginer or experienced, traveling alone or in a group,We are the surfing school for you! We organize expeditions to world-class surfing beaches like Playa Hermosa, Playa del Rey, Dominical as well as our very own Manuel Antonio Beach. Price: On Request

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Surfing in Manuel Antonio Beach area.
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